Triangle Issue No. 7 – October/November 2020, Vol. 28

Area 40 Triangle - A Newsletter for A.A. in the State of Montana

Inside this Issue:

  • Triangle Changing! ☛ p. 1
  • Assembly Highlights ☛ p. 1 – 6
  • Assembly Motions ☛ p. 1
  • Tradition Ten Snip-it ☛ p. 2
  • Tradition Eleven Snip-it ☛ p. 2 
  • Delegate’s Report ☛ p. 2 – 3
  • Concept Ten Bite ☛ p. 3
  • Concept Eleven Bite ☛ p. 3
  • Area Reports ☛ p. 3 – 6 
  • Final Area Budget ☛ p. 5
  • Workshop Takeaways ☛ p. 5 – 6
  • GSR & DCM Breakouts ☛ p. 6
  • Election Results ☛ p. 6
  • Call to Action ☛ p. 6
  • Upcoming Events ☛ p. 7
  • Triangle Subscription Form ☛ p. 8
  • Send Group Contributions ☛ p. 8

Excerpts from A.A. Literature, materials, and Grapevine are reprinted with permission of A.A. World Services and Grapevine, Inc.

Area 40 Triangle - A Newsletter for A.A. in the State of Montana - photo courtesy of

The Triangle is anonymity protected. All A.A. members are identified by first name and last initial only.

“If I were asked which of our blessings I felt was most responsible for our growth as a fellowship and most vital to our continuity, I would say, the ‘Concept of Anonymity.’” Bill’s last message read by Lois, 1970 Annual New York Intergroup Dinner.


What do you need to know?

  1. Virtual Mail Instead of Snail Mail. The Triangle Editor will send email notifications to each group’s contact instead of mass printing and mailing each issue. Issues will be viewable online.
  2. Still Want to Receive a Printed Copy? Just subscribe for a yearly fee of $10.80, and you’ll receive eight printed copies for the year. (The cost is dependent on current price to print and mail individual copies.)
  3. New Website for the Triangle. Triangle issues will be published on the new Triangle website at The Area 40 website will also link to the new site.
  4. No Need to Wait. Any A.A. member can sign up to receive an email notification. Just go to, click on “Follow” and enter your email address. Every time a new issue is published, you will receive an email notification letting you know there’s a new one to view.
  5. GSR’s, This Is For You. As a General Service Representative, you can forward your email notification to other members as well as print out a copy and take it to your group. If you’re meeting on Zoom, you can copy and paste a link to the new Triangle website in chat, where all members of your group can click on the link and view the new issue.
  6. Wait! You Already Have A Subscription? No worries. You’ll still receive a printed copy as well as an email notification (if your group has supplied an email). Each Triangle issue states your group’s subscription expiration date in the address field. Don’t see it? Send me an email, and I’ll look it up. 

What do you need to do? Please make sure your group contact information is up-to-date, including an email address, with the Triangle Editor and Area 40. You can also go directly to the Triangle website and add your email by clicking on “Follow” and entering in your email. Tell your group members about the new Triangle website and let them know they can sign up to receive new Triangle issues in their email boxes too! 

Concerned about giving your email? Any email you enter when “following” the website will not be shared with anyone outside of Area 40 trusted servants. If you’re unsure about giving your email, you can easily create a new email through Google or Yahoo and create an email that does not divulge your first or last name. 

Got questions? Send questions to



This past Fall Assembly was hosted virtually on September 11th – 13th. Here are some highlights of the weekend. You can always check in with your group’s General Service Representative (GSR) or your District’s District Committee Member (DCM) to get more information.


  1. Consider voting privileges to be granted to the Archivist, Webmaster, Area Advisor & Bridging the Gap Chair. Motion passed.
  2. That Area 40 consider hosting a virtual assembly for each Spring Assembly, beginning in Spring of 2021. Motion failed.
  3. To approve Area 40 2021 budget. Motion passed.
  4. Allow Triangle Editor to create a searchable website for the Area 40 Triangle, and grant authority for the Triangle Editor to email notices of the new website. Motion passed.
  5. Decide today to hold a virtual Spring 2021 assembly. Motion passed.

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