Triangle Issue No. 8 – December 2020, Vol. 28

Area 40 Triangle - A Newsletter for A.A. in the State of Montana

Inside this Issue:

  • A Christmas Message ☛ p. 1
  • Rachel ☛ p. 1
  • Tradition Twelve Snip-it ☛ p. 2
  • He Kept the Faith ☛ p. 2 – 3
  • Concept Twelve Bite ☛ p. 3
  • The Kind of Sacrifice ☛ p. 3 – 4 
  • Fall Box 4-5-9 Highlights ☛ p. 4
  • A.A. Grapevine & Groups ☛ p. 5
  • Area 40 Delegate Letter ☛ p. 5
  • 2020 Nearing Its End ☛ p. 5 – 6
  • Regional Forums Info ☛ p. 6
  • Important Info – Area 40 ☛ p. 6 
  • Call to Action ☛ p. 6
  • Upcoming Events ☛ p. 7
  • Triangle Subscription Form ☛ p. 8
  • Send Group Contributions ☛ p. 8

Excerpts from A.A. Literature, materials, and Grapevine are reprinted with permission of A.A. World Services and Grapevine, Inc.

Area 40 Triangle - A Newsletter for A.A. in the State of Montana - photo courtesy of

The Triangle is anonymity protected. All A.A. members are identified by first name and last initial only.

“If I were asked which of our blessings I felt was most responsible for our growth as a fellowship and most vital to our continuity, I would say, the ‘Concept of Anonymity.’” Bill’s last message read by Lois, 1970 Annual New York Intergroup Dinner.


A Christmas Message - Area 40 Triangle Newsletter

“Gratitude is just about the finest attribute we can have, and how deeply we of AA realize this at Christmastime. Together, we count and ponder our blessings of life, of service, of love.

In these distraught times, we have been enabled to find an always increasing measure of peace within ourselves. Together with all here at AA’s General Service Office, Lois joins me in warmest greetings to each and all of you, and we share our confident faith that the year to come will be counted among the best that our Fellowship has ever known.” 

Reprinted from Language of the Heart, p. 89 – 90 with permission of A.A. Grapevine, Inc.


Rachel died at 10:40 PM Monday night, August 10th. She was in the ER at Community Hospital. She “coded” twice and let go the third time. Her heart stopped. 

The story begins on Tuesday, July 28th with a call from Rachel in Missoula to the A.A. hotline in Albuquerque. She lived in Albuquerque with her husband. She didn’t know anyone in Missoula. The AA in Albuquerque took Rachel’s number anyway and called an A.A. she knew named Mary. She knew Mary from Mary’s work at GSO (General Service Office). She thought Mary was somewhere in Montana. But Mary was not in Montana.  Mary was in Portland, Oregon. 

Nevertheless, Mary took the baton and called the only people she knew in Missoula, Andrew and Sherry. Sherry took the call. It took three A.A.’s communicating with each other in three states, but Sherry now knew that Rachel was asking for help and how to contact her. It’s that kind of world now. 

Sherry tried without success to find another woman to go with her on the twelve step call and when she couldn’t find anyone, Andrew volunteered to go with her. They met Rachel at Rachel’s motel. Rachel wanted to detox somewhere. Andrew and Sherry took her to St. Patrick Hospital in Missoula, who declined to take her. Rachel was apparently not sick enough yet. At Rachel’s request, the three went with her to her motel room. The risk of COVID-19 in a motel room with a person who is not wearing a mask, not distancing herself, and very drunk is real. 

Rachel said she wanted to stop drinking. She wanted to be taken in for detox. She wanted to buy more alcohol. Sherry and Andrew took her to Community Hospital. At this point in the story, I am grateful I am telling this to people who understand that level of mental chaos. I don’t think I would like to try to explain it to most people. Rachel was not admitted to the hospital, but was kept in the emergency room for most of the night. 

Once released, we suppose she went back to her motel room. In the days that followed, text and voice flowed between Rachel and Sherry. You can easily guess what the subject of conversation was. Rachel wanted to stop. Sherry was asked to come to the motel to pour out the booze and talk to Rachel. Once Sherry left, Rachel went out and bought more booze. This happened more than once. Sherry told Rachel about meetings. Rachel wanted to attend in-person meetings. She wanted meetings at noon. Sherry offered to meet Rachel at a meeting. The offer was declined. (continued on p. 2)

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